Well-Child Visit Case Examples

Case Example 1: Converting Acute Care Visits to Comprehensive Well-Care Visits

A school-based health center in Colorado found that by converting acute care visits to comprehensive well-care visits, their providers gave more WCVs to patients, improved the relationships with those patients, and felt more satisfied in their work. The SBHC staff also witnessed an improvement in each of the other measures because the WCV was the point when risk assessments, BMI assessments, depression screens, and Chlamydia screens took place.

Case Example 2: Documenting Well-Child Visits in Electronic Health Records

An IT specialist working for an SBHC in North Carolina, designed a structured data field in an alert section of the SBHC’s EHR, eClinicalWorks, called “EXTPE” (external physical exam) to document any WCVs that occurred outside the SBHC. In that data field, SBHC providers and nurses enter the date of the student’s outside physical. With that information, SBHC staff can now run reports to see who’s had an external physical exam and who hasn’t. In a similar data field, SBHC staff can also report any WCVs they conducted at the school-based health center. Here’s a screenshot of their EHR page: