School-Based Telehealth Playbook

Youth Safety Net Project

About the Playbook

The vision of the School-Based Health Alliance is that all children and adolescents are healthy and achieving their fullest potential. The School-Based Telehealth Playbook guides health centers through the design, implementation, and operation of a telehealth program that meets the needs of children and adolescents. This playbook includes essential components for school-based telehealth start-up, key considerations from health centers across the country, and amendable resources for every planning stage. While this playbook speaks to health centers, the resources, guides, and tips are useful for most health systems.

The framing for this playbook is centered around the larger telehealth field, though this resource focuses on live conferencing and traditional school-based health care, including primary, behavioral, etc. While this playbook speaks to FQHCs, the resources, guides, and tips can be applied to most health systems.


Thank you to our contributors, funders, and you, the field. We’ve learned a lot from the listen and learns and the changes implemented to telehealth in the midst of COVID.