School nurses are essential leaders of multidisciplinary health services teams in schools possessing a wide range and depth of expertise to meet critical student needs while supporting the whole child. The school nurse plays a pivotal role in bridging healthcare and education by providing care coordination, advocacy for quality student-centered care, and collaboration to design systems that allow individuals and communities to develop their full potential. School nurses are valued and trusted leaders in providing school health services and a champion for vaccination. School nurses and school-based health centers work together on a critical mission: protecting and advancing the health and well-being of our nation’s school-age children. Specific activities that school nurses engage in related to increasing vaccine confidence and uptake and encouraging well-child visits include:

  • Working with SBHCs to coordinate school located vaccine clinics
  • Enrolling children in health insurance and connecting families to health care providers/medical homes.
  • Assessing where families have gaps and concerns about vaccinating their children and providing education and resources.
  • Engaging in 1:1 conversations with families and students to give credible vaccine information and encourage well-child visits
  • Implementing curriculum/programs to engage students and families in vaccine confidence communications


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